Executive Short Program

Mastering strategic negotiations

Succeed in complex, high-stakes negotiations

This program is a comprehensive crash course in negotiation strategy that covers both foundational and advanced negotiation topics. Our aim is to help you acquire cutting-edge negotiation techniques in order to analyze, prepare for, and execute complex deals across most industries. 


This ‘negotiation skills incubator’ will fast-track your development through hands-on, customized learning with 360-degree feedback.




The best move you can make in negotiation is to think of an incentive the other person hasn't even thought of - and then meet it”. 

– Eli Broad



The program will enable you to:

Develop an innovative ‘how-to guide’ to succeed in complex, high-stakes negotiations

Understand how the economics of a deal affect the opportunities to negotiate or walk away 

Control the negotiation process by anticipating and influencing the actions of your counterparts

Polish your negotiation style by identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Academic Director(s)

Gonçalo Pacheco de Almeida

Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Discover the program outline

Discover the program outline

Program Content

Consists of three themes over 3 days

Theme 1

Mastering the economic and behavioral foundations of negotiation

Assimilate the ground rules of strategic negotiations, balance the trade-off between adversarial and collaborative bargaining.

Theme 2

Excelling in complex deals

Optimize the value and architecture of multi-issue deals, exploit asymmetries in preferences and expectations among counterparts.

Theme 3

Negotiating in challenging contexts

Navigate politically sensitive environments by forming and maintaining coalitions, settle high-stakes disputes in emotionally-charged situations.




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This program is eligible to the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Certificate of Excellence in Global Business, which allows Executives to choose from over 120 courses offered by 19 member schools and representing a total of 15 training days. For more information and a full list of eligible programs, click here.



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2 years

Obtain an HEC Paris certificate
You can personalize your study path according to your own needs and resources. You will be awarded an HEC Paris Executive Education certificate after a total of 10 days of training. This can be spread out over 3 intensive programs during a 2-year period. You can also join the HEC Executive Community.

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The program is aimed at:
Executives or senior managers from any industry, organization, and functional area or government officials with varying levels of expertise in negotiation.

Training costs

4580 € NET

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For further information, please contact :

Aurélie Lever

Program Advisor

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HEC Paris Le Château is more than a neoclassical landmark. It is the perfect place in which to take a step back and improve yourself with concrete training which you will put into application as soon as you return to your company.









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