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Global Organizations Executive Coaching

HEC Paris Executive Education is launching a new program: GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS EXECUTIVE COACHING. This program will equip you with the necessary and specific know-how to coach organizations on an organizational, sociological and technical level. We invite you to join us for an introductory webinar to learn more about this program, hosted by Mathilde Guillou, speaker on the program and Sabine Heinrichfreise, certified organizational coach. 



Practical Information

Date : Thursday 29 March 2018

Time : 1PM (CET)


To know more about the program

 This 20-day program - 17 classroom sessions and the equivalent of three days of distance learning - is spread over the course of a year and will enable you to:

• Acquire the skills, approaches and tools necessary for successful organization coaching within global, multicultural companies on an organizational, relational, sociological and technical level.

• Compare your experiences and practices with those of other coaches from different cultures and experienced specialist speakers, within the framework of an action-based, participatory and progressive learning method that provides a high level of input.

• Strengthen their overall reflection and understanding of current changes within organizations thanks to the highly diverse experience of the speakers who share a wide range of approaches and outlooks.

• Individual practice of the approaches and techniques for organization coaching via role-plays and specific cases.

• Apply all the skills they have acquired immediately in a full-scale organization coaching assignment within a company or an NGO.



Pour toute question, contactez :

Yacine DIONE & Cindy LEBIGOT

Chef de projets & Responsable de programmes