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We develop training programs for public and private sector managers and business leaders. Co-construction and customization are key concepts in our program design. We work in partnership with you, taking into account your economic, political, social and cultural environment in order to fully meet your expectations.


Strategy, management, digital transformation, leadership are just some of the areas where we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.



    Public sector

    We work with governments to improve the managerial skills of public employees and sustain the economic development and performance of their national economy.


    Private sector

    Our training courses are aimed at employer and consular organizations, companies, and the agricultural sector.  We encourage the sharing of best business practices via the Executive Club by HEC Paris network.

A closer look at our custom programs

These programs are tailored to the specific context and culture of each business to provide custom training and support based on the concepts of value co-creation and skills transfer.


Our teams work closely with clients to ensure the effective implementation of their strategies, starting by developing the skills of their executives and managers.


Here is an example of one of our tailor-made programs, AGORA, which has been developed to support governments implementing administrative reforms:

  • Purpose

    - To foster a managerial culture in public organizations and a culture of performance in public services 
    - To facilitate the dialogue between government departments and the private sector in order to improve the business climate and enhance economic development in the countries concerned

  • Vision

    To help public service workers adapt to the changes resulting from the modernization and society plan envisaged and implemented by the Head of State

  • Objectives

    - To enhance the managerial skills in government departments and develop a results-based culture in all ministries and restore public confidence by establishing high ethical, moral and quality standards 
    - To put people back at the centre of the administrative system, whether they be ministry employees, service users, partners or citizens in general, and to consider them as real customers of the ministries

  • Target audience

    - The training programs are designed for all civil servants and are adapted to the different categories of employees
    - The programs include both training and awareness-raising components

For further information, please contact :

Jean-Luc Ricci

Strategy & Development Director Africa

Are you an individual looking for a training course?

Individual courses


Executive Education in Africa

Some of our Executive Certificate training programs are now taught in Africa:


Strategic Business Unit Management - Abidjan


Finance - Abidjan

Online Programs

We also offer distance learning programs.

These give you access to training wherever you are as well as enabling you to adapt your training to your professional and personal time constraints.


Executive Online Programs

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You can find out more about our range of training programs using the Program Recommender.




For all inquiries about our training programs, please contact

Program Advisor
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Tel. : +221 33 822 21 20


A dynamic network for executives and business leaders

The Executive Club by HEC Paris is a "network of excellence" made up of executives and business leaders whose objective is to encourage the exchange of ideas and to allow executives to share best practises.


One of the Club's founding values is to encourage entrepreneurial spirit, in particular by organizing conferences that provide the opportunity to meet inspiring people and share experiences. There are regular talks by experts on the latest developments in management practice and global issues. Articles on current subjects of interest are also circulated. Members of the Executive Club by HEC Paris are invited to attend an annual meeting in France.


Join the Executive Club by HEC Paris and gain exclusive access to high-impact value-added content.


For further information, please contact Martine Thernisien thernisien@hec-crc.fr

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