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Effective leadership in a digital world

Effective leadership in a digital world


Practical Information

Speaker: Professor Marc Beretta

Date: Thursday 16 November

Time: 4pm CET

Language: English


The world is changing, towards ever increasing levels of globalization and interconnection. This isn’t a scoop for the new generations since for them it is simply part of their everyday lives. This isn’t a scoop either for many start-ups, who design themselves around the unsatisfied needs of individuals or organizations. On the other hand, it is a (r-)evolution for “traditional” businesses,  since what may have brought them success yesterday could be their downfall tomorrow. In general, the business world owes itself to progress.

The world is changing, and so are leaders… the all-powerful leader, who dictates from his ivory tower is no more, or rather should not be… The risks of disconnection with today’s world are too great… This also impacts the behaviour needed to mobilize a team.  Influence on the establishment, the ability to listen and constantly question ideas are essential to adapt to ever-changing economic models.

Being a leader in a digital world is the subject which Marc Beretta will address during this online class. 

About the Presenter: 

Marc Beretta is a Professor of Leadership and Personal Development at HEC since 2009. He runs a coaching business (Executive, Team and Organisation Coaching) which is based in 10 countries. He is a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, which is the international body in reference to the discipline of coaching. 

He teaches on the TRIUM program (HEC Paris, London School of Economics, New York University). Professor Beretta accompanies Managers and Boards on problems associated with changes across different continents. Franco-Irish, he has participated in a collective work of memorable negotiations in History and has written a chapter on the peace agreements of Northern Ireland (2004-2014). He promotes efficiency and well-being at work.