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Optimizing innovation in your organization through design thinking & positive deviance

The Positive Deviance Approach is an asset-based innovation approach and has been applied in 50+ countries and 100+ projects all over the world. The approach focuses on inquiring and learning from individual and community behaviors that are already practiced well, so others can adopt successful strategies to overcome and solve wicked problems. Part of this process is to disseminate and scale the behaviours to secure sustainable positive outcomes over time. The approach has for example been used to improve sales in the corporate world and reduce absenteeism.

Design Thinking as an approach to innovation in organisations emphasises the role of the manager as future-maker rather than decision-maker. By drawing on the methodologies and sensibilities of professional designers, managers are able to capture new insights about customers lived experience, reframe problems and opportunities. It enables them to co-design new ideas and concepts by drawing inspiration from a wider range of sources, test and experiment with new products, services and business models to increase the likelihood of success. Design approaches are particularly powerful in contexts of great uncertainty, turbulence and complexity where past or current ‘best practices’ can no longer be relied on for future guidance.

November 9 2017 15.00-18.00 

Danish Design Centre 30, Frederiksholms Canal, DK-1220 Copenhagen K 

Anders Gezelius