Our training portfolio

Training portfolio

Select the topic that meets your employees’ needs and discover all the programs we offer in this particular area of ​​expertise.


In-company training offer

With the In-company training formula, you can train a group of employees whenever and wherever you choose.


Simply select the short program that corresponds to your specific needs and our faculty will deliver the same content that we provide on our campus in your company.


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    Choose the short program(s) for your teams

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    Reserve the dates and location that suit you best

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    Train several employees at the same time

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Managerial support approach


Assist your employees in the realization of their professional projects - retraining, skills development, mobility, or any other project.



A personalized analysis is carried out to design the development path of the employee and then implement the project via HEC Paris training programs.


Follow up

The approach includes six sessions spread over a five-month period in order to assess progress and results.



For the approach to be successful, employees are assisted by their Managers (or HR Manager), a coach and an HEC Paris Management Team member.

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Our programs are aimed at:

Human Resources Directors and Managers, Talent Managers, Directors and Managers wishing to train their teams with programs from our portfolio.

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