Shaping the future of business and society together

Our mission and values

Our mission

As an institution with a long and distinguished history, HEC Paris has an in-depth understanding of the impact of change. Our core mission is to shape the future of business and society through innovative and impactful lifelong learning and development initiatives.

Executive training is not only about economic results - it has a much broader social mission. Bringing together a global community of entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and change makers enables us to question current business practices and develop the skills, knowledge and courage needed to implement responsible and sustainable change.





Promoting the highest standards

As one of the most prestigious Schools of Management in the world, high standards determine everything that we do. Our faculty, administrative staff, participants, and corporate clients work closely together to create an engaging learning environment that enables everyone to realize their full potential.


Shared values

Companies and executives approach us because of the quality and relevance of the training programs we provide. This means that as an institution, we have a collective responsibility to meet or surpass their expectations.



Striving to be better

Achieving the highest possible standards drives us forward - we never compromise on quality.

In order to meet the challenges of a fast-moving economic and social environment, our field-based research focuses on the specific needs of organizations and business.


Investing in talent

Our academic and selection criteria are demanding because our goal is to bring together executives, entrepreneurs and influencers who can have a positive impact on society and make a real difference.


Cultivating diversity and open-mindedness

The rich professional and cultural diversity of all our participants and faculty has a major impact on our collaborative and inclusive learning approach, and is a constant source of inspiration.

The ability to adapt and open up our minds to new approaches is essential in our highly competitive economic environment.  At HEC Paris we actively embrace and encourage open-mindedness because it creates a unique climate that facilitates the implementation of change.

Measuring tangible impact


HEC Paris has been providing hands-on training solutions for high-potential individuals and companies since 1881. 


We work in close partnership with our corporate clients and participants to ensure that our programs provide tangible and measurable results and bring about real transformation for both companies and individuals.​

Yohan Wasmes Benqué

Head of Business Development, Altares Dun and Bradstreet


The quality of the programs and the charisma of the speakers at HEC Paris have an immediate impact on your values and personal development. This training program has allowed me to progress within my organization - I now work directly with our president and manage the Business Development department."

Developing proximity and a close-knit global community

We forge close and long-lasting relationships with our corporate clients and participants. Having an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and challenges allows us to co-develop the most appropriate and impactful learning journey.

Building strong networks to achieve your ambitions is also essential. At HEC Paris, we actively encourage proximity and sharing between peers to open up new horizons and opportunities.

The HEC Executive Community

10,000 people strong, it brings together current and former participants from our programs running for 10 days or more. It perpetuates the lifelong learning experience of its members and creates lasting and beneficial links with the institution.

HEC Paris Alumni

Graduates from our EMBAs and Executive Masters join the HEC Paris Alumni network, which is among the largest in Europe with + 54,000 members. It was founded in 1883 to develop powerful, dynamic and lifelong connections among the members of the HEC Paris community.