Testimonies - Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Business

Roseline Dieudonné

I have more than 15 years’ experience in Auditing, Finance and the management of transformation projects in multiple industries and geographies including a 3-year assignment in the Republic of Congo. 


Roseline Dieudonné

I chose the EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Innovation and Social Business because I am passionate about people development and Africa. I wanted to better understand the business environment of emerging markets, and discover how to sustainably improve lives in ways based on business instead of charity. I also wanted to understand how reverse innovation can work in our developed countries

I really enjoyed meeting inspiring people, people who want to save the world and take action to do so. What I have taken away from the program is that:

  • Frugal innovation is a customer-centric strategy. Companies need to redesign their products and not minimize their functionalities to make them affordable
  • Scalability is the Key in terms of development especially in countries like India and Nigeria
  • Developing countries are leapfrogging. The world is looking at a massive structural change.

The program reinforced my international strategic vision and social networks. It gave me a good understanding of Africa leapfrogging, from mobile today to renewable energy, health, etc. tomorrow. Thanks to innovation, we are overcoming many hurdles.


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Roseline Dieudonné

Senior Manager in charge of Practise Management System, KPMG