Testimonies - Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Business

Pascal Caisey

I began my professional career as a nurse before entering the pharmaceutical industry, where I worked for 23 years.


I chose the HEC Paris EMBA for three reasons:

  • The high quality of the education and its specific focus on management and innovation
  • The international learning experience
  • The large and diverse alumni network


I chose the Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in order to learn concepts and methods of business management, to become aware of the challenges facing business today, and to develop innovative avenues for growth in business visibility and marketing opportunities. My priority was to practically apply theoretically informed studies to my business. The one-day-a-week EMBA was convenient as it was part-time and therefore enabled me to regularly address and implement ideas I had for my company. HEC paris bridges the gap between academia and the world of business and gave me the opportunity to create tangible value for my business and employees.        


Pascal Caisey


Regarding my professional project, it addressed the potential profitability of the pharmaceutical industry from 2012-2016. Currently, profitability is no longer attainable without a profound change in business model. Hence, I designed a new business model for profitable and consistent growth in the pharmaceutical industry.


The project was a great opportunity to develop, lead and implement innovative management opportunities within my company."


Thanks to the EMBA I gained new skills and enhanced my knowledge of business. Most importantly, I learnt to apply these new skills with agility. My stakeholders appreciate my professional evolution and promoted me to a position as General Manager. 


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Pascal Caisey

Director & Head of Prescription Medicines, Boehringer Ingelheim