Testimonies - EMBA - Industry Specific

Nicolas Fiant

Until now, all of my professional experience has been in the aerospace sector and more specifically in component manufacturing for satellites and launcher applications. My academic background is in electronic design and particularly in microelectronics and I began my career in the test engineering field. I am currently the Design Center Manager at 3D PLUS, where I am responsible for all new product design activities in the company.



I wanted to continue my self-development in the complex and fascinating world of Aerospace and Aviation, so opting for this major was a very easy choice. The opportunity to follow this program was also one of the reasons why I chose the HEC Paris Executive MBA. My main objective was to acquire more in-depth skills in the field of Aerospace as well as in other business topics and to open up potential new horizons by discovering the Aviation industry.



The combination of a full teaching program and total immersion made the major a unique learning experience. Being constantly together with my classmates throughout the sessions allowed us to do a lot of peer sharing and exchange about our different experiences in a very friendly and totally open way. I wouldn’t say the experience has really changed me but it has definitely opened my mind to new horizons and has given me many key insights. I am convinced that everything I learned will be very useful for my future professional development.
I appreciated the entire package of the program, but for me the most important was the professional and cultural diversity of the participants, from areas as varied as IT, risk management and avionics within the Aerospace and Aviation businesses. I also appreciated the quality of the teaching and the insights of the presenters who were all experts in their respective fields. The introduction of the team research project this gave us the opportunity to focus on certain subjects in greater depth and to continue our exchanges between both sessions of major.



During the major, I was able to discover new fields and topics that had previously been very obscure for me such as avionics, yield management and MRO businesses. I have therefore acquired new skills in these areas and have increased my capacity to discuss and network with new people.

Following the Executive MBA and the major is Aerospace and Aviation has helped me realize my ambition of opening my mind to new horizons and new company cultures in order to continue evolving in the aerospace field with a more strategic focus  than an operational one.