Testimonies - General Management

Karim Sayegh

The Capstone Project gave me the opportunity to assess the feasibility of creating my own start-up, Homy+, which aims to provide communication and organization solutions for the home. During the project, I developed all the aspects of the strategic approach - applying everything I had learned at HEC Paris enabled me to analyze the feasibility of the project before deciding to launch. The Capstone Project played a vital role in determining whether Homy+ would go ahead or not. The company was officially set up in February 2014, just 6 months after the validation by the jury!


I learned a lot from this experience and I now fully understand all the key concepts that were taught during the HEC Paris EMBA program. I especially appreciated the rich and exciting exchanges with my advisor, and the strong working relationship I developed with my Capstone project partner."


My advisor really challenged me throughout the project. He fully understood the impact that the capstone project would have on my life - and that of my family. He made sure I had all the essential elements at my disposal to take the final decision. In the end, the project totally transformed me. My dream was to launch a business venture and thanks to the HEC Paris Executive MBA and the Capstone Project this is now a reality. My new dream is to make sure that this venture is a success!

Karim Sayegh

President & Co-Founder of Homy+