Testimonies - Certificate - English - Europe - Expert - EMBA - Industry Specific

Grace Goni

I began my career in Advertising and Marketing in 1994 in New York and became Vice President for the North American market. I then moved to London, and as a member of the Board, I developed the European market from 2000 to 2006. For the following 6 years, I worked as an independent consultant, helping clients with brand strategy, business development, and strategies to enter the international market. In recent years, my consulting work has mainly focused on luxury goods, hospitality brands and luxury property.


I decided to follow the Major in Luxury because although I’ve worked on luxury brands throughout my career I wanted to have the chance to gain a more in-depth understanding of the multiple aspects of luxury business. In the past, I created a Jewelry Eyewear business, which wasn’t a success, so I also wanted to understand why it went wrong and what my next step should be.


One of the reasons why I chose HEC Paris was because of its reputation as one of the leading Business Schools in Europe and the renown of Professor Kapferer within the luxury industry. If you want to be the best, it seems logical to want to learn at the best school from the best professors.


I did not feel the full impact until after the program when I began the process of launching a boutique consulting company. Everything I learned has come together, and I now feel I have the experience, skills and know-how to make my new business venture a success.


The program is very well designed, and covers topics such as creating a brand, the reality of retail stores, distribution and consumer behavior. I particularly appreciated the company visits and exchanging with industry experts. The interaction and the quality of the debates with classmates from highly diverse backgrounds was also of great value. The week in China was a real wakeup call. Being able to experience the market and understand the behavior of Chinese luxury consumers really opens up how you view the luxury industry.


You really feel a strong sense of integrity at HEC Paris as everyone works together as equals towards a common goal. The program provides you with a lot of new skills and tools, but I think the most invaluable knowledge I acquired is a much greater understanding of the unspoken rules and intangible elements of luxury culture. Attitude, a sense of service, humility, integrity and patience are crucial and it is very difficult to consistently deliver and be good at them all.

Grace Goni

Founder of Luxury Property Consulting