Testimonies - Finance & Financial Management

Flavio Campilongo

I started working for the BNP Paribas Group in 2005, where my role initially revolved around credit management and financial services. In 2014, I became Chief Risk Officer for IFITALIA, an Italian subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group that provides businesses of all sizes and from all sectors with a complete range of factoring products and services.


I decided to follow the Executive MSc in Finance program because I really wanted to update my skillset, and challenge my knowledge of the ever-changing world of finance by approaching it from a new angle. One of the reasons why I chose HEC Paris was because of recommendations from colleagues who all had very positive experiences during their time there. 


What really convinced me that this was the right program for me was being able to exchange with the Academic Director." 


Having a clear understanding of the logic behind the program and the profile of the other participants really helped me to see the added value of this Master, and how it would enable me to achieve my professional goals.


Looking back at the 18 months I spent at HEC Paris I can honestly say that it was a very positive experience. If I were to sum up my time there, I would say that it is an interactive and demanding program with high-quality teaching and participants. Being constantly challenged by the professors and the other participants really helps you to change your mindset and your approach. Another valuable aspect of the program was having the opportunity to work with so many different professors. This enabled us to tackle similar issues from different points of view and develop more effective problem-solving skills.


You also learn a lot from your classmates. We had an incredibly diverse class, with participants from all over the world and only two of us had a background in banking. To make the most of this program we all had to share our professional experiences, and learn from each other. Working with people from a wide range of sectors and industries is of great value. It allows you to discover many different points of view and helps change your mindset and approach to decision- making.


I’m not totally sure what the next step in my career will be as the world of finance is changing so quickly. I now have the necessary experience in general management, finance and risk management, and thanks to additional skills and knowledge I developed during the program, I now feel more prepared and ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Flavio Campilongo

Chief Risk Officer for IFITALIA, Milan