Testimonies - Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Business

Carol Echtebarne

I have 20 years of experience in the insurance sector encompassing the whole industry (insurer, broker, loss adjuster, reinstatement) in B to B and B to C ranging from cost/volume strategy to a premium approach.



When joining the EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Innovation and Social Business, I expected to improve upon my knowledge concerning reverse engineering. Personal transformation and the ability to explore new horizons were also both important factors for me, as well as a desire to be inspired and surprised.


During the program, I gained insights into 2 major markets, Africa and India, which are both amazing examples of how business can be socially responsible but nevertheless profitable.


The program gave me the ingenuity and creativity to think of solutions and carry out business, “you can not shrink, you need to rethink” so that the offer adheres to the needs of the population. I find that I have a renewed professional and personal outlook, even regarding my family.


I had no idea of what to expect of what would come out of this major and I am still amazed to realize I am changing my life on the basis of what I learned, and it’s still very much an ongoing process."


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Carol Echtebarne

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Cunningham Lindsey France