Testimonies - Industry Specific - EMBA

Asmaa Al-Atey

I was born in Qatar and graduated from Qatar University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. As a new graduate, I was very eager to start my career. I began as a staff nurse and worked my way up the career ladder until I became the Director of Nursing for Trauma Services in Hamad General Hospital, the main hospital in the country. I had a sense of pride knowing that I accomplished that through determination and hard work. Being a young Qatari leader, I knew that I must take an active role in leading my team forward, so I decided to pursue further studies to be a productive and proficient manager.

Having decided to continue my higher education, I started looking for a high level, well-recognized university offering a strong and flexible program that would allow me to follow my master’s degree without having to leave my family and work for long periods. HEC Paris was at the top of my list because it is a world renowned yet locally accessible university for me.  Therefore, in 2018, I started my Executive MBA Program.



Coming from the Health Care sector, I was very interested in the Differentiation and Innovation through Services Major. I was eager to start a new venture that would expand my horizons and help me connect with other professionals coming from diverse backgrounds and with different areas of expertise. I was very confident that my experience as a Nursing Manager has prepared me well to work with a team from different professions and collaborate with them. Such collaborations along with the guidance of our professors ultimately helped me come up with innovative ideas to improve the quality of the health care delivery system in Qatar.



In May 2018, I went to Singapore. The trip was very exciting as it gave me a fresh insight on how to look at things from the clientele’s perspective; and how I could make use of this new information to explore the possibility of adapting it to the healthcare sector. Looking at Singapore’s culture of world-class service, I was able to learn that the only limits I have, are the ones that I set myself. I learned how to look for possibilities rather than obstacles.

In October 2018, the program took me to Berlin to discover and explore how leading products companies come up with solutions that have transformed the latest trends in customer satisfaction.

During the major, we were able to meet and learn from leading Professors and CEOs from different renowned universities and companies. We had different class sessions, visits to well-known companies and stimulating teamwork assignments. The teaching quality and tools were very much appreciated and working in groups with participants from different backgrounds with professor guidance has enhanced my knowledge about the services sector globally.

The Program Director, Roger Hallowell and the Manager, Emilie Maldonado were very keen to organize social gatherings and dinners for the participants where we had social exchanges and this helped us to understand each other better. We are still in contact and supporting each other.

My strong interest in the Differentiation and Innovation through services Major, made me more confident to link my capstone project with the major where I can practice and apply what I learned.



I would like to complete my EMBA and work on my capstone project, which will be implemented in my workplace. Also I would like to work with my team to open one of the biggest Trauma and Emergency towers worldwide to be ready for an exceptional event in my country, the “FIFA world cup 2022”.