Testimonies - Industry Specific - EMBA

Adeline Leroy

I used to be a journalist and a teacher but then decided to launch several companies – five over a period of three years. During the past 10 years, I have worked in industries such as the media, publishing and teaching. These industries are about all passion, empathy, a certain sense of passing down knowledge or culture and a desire to perpetuate some kind of legacy. Beautiful industries but now also highly disrupted. They are difficult sectors where it is hard to make a profit and in our increasingly complicated world, they are facing major challenges.



I decided to follow this Major because I wanted to discover something new and I truly believe that in our increasingly digital world, service excellence will make the difference between success and failure. The industries I have been working in have real difficulties in switching from a product centric philosophy to a customer centric way of building businesses. This is a major issue and I wanted to acquire an in-depth understanding of the mechanism of services, as I have never been in direct contact with a culture driven by the willingness to develop service excellence.



If I were to sum up my experience of the program on one word, it would be wonderful. All the guest speakers were fascinating and Roger Hallowell, the Academic Director is funny, captivating, and very clear. I loved everything that we learned during the sessions, from the guest speakers and through the reading material. Being able to interact freely with classmates from very different industries allowed us to have an overview of what service excellence could imply in very different fields. I also had the luck to meet and discover my new Qatari friends.

Singapore was amazing and in Berlin, we had the opportunity to discover the SAP ecosystem for innovation, which was both useful and enlightening. I also enjoyed discovering both physical service excellence and digital service excellence. Nowadays, we need to aim for phygital service excellence and the program really takes this into account. The content of this wonderful learning experience has become a toolbox that I now use in my day-to-day business. 


I think that I now have a customer centric mindset – it has become instinctive. Being able to analyze the value proposition delivered to the clients has real added value and also plays an important role in in retaining talents inside a company.

To my mind, this major is like the backbone of everything I have learned during the Executive MBA. Being customer centric and putting service excellence first, enables you to think differently about the value proposition, the value architecture and the profit equation in a clever, clean, empathetic and sharp way.

I decided to sell my companies during the EMBA program and I am now mentoring startups in several incubators and accelerators, including the HEC Paris incubator at Station F. I am really happy to be able to help such wonderful entrepreneurs… and I try to do it with a strong sense of service excellence.