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Joana Foglia

At the age of 24, I started my career in the seafood industry as a junior trader taking over the expansion of the Western African markets. A risky sector suffering still from gender inequality this was a challenging position at such a young age however my perseverance paid off and I was later hired by one of the leading fishing groups worldwide, Parlevliet & van der Plas.


Joana Foglia


Feeling at a disadvantage with my lack of managerial experience, I wanted to refine my skillset in order to better compete in this highly concentrated industry. Therefore, my motivation for following the Executive Master in Finance stems from my desire for self-improvement in order to enhance the possibility of obtaining a more executive role. After researching several business schools, HEC Paris was the optimum institution for me as not only is it geographically convenient it boasted the best faculty, offering an impressive machinery of knowledge.


Not only has the course been enriching but it has definitely pushed my boundaries and took me out of my comfort zone.


Studying alongside the other students and getting to know their unique personalities and professional backgrounds has also been a highlight of the course.

Overall, the assistance I have received from both the academic and administrative staff at HEC Paris has been second to none. Their faith in my potential and willingness to help me boost my career has helped me achieve the most out of this program and realize my career goals. In fact, their encouragement inspired me to launch my activity in the agrifood sector as a Business developer for foreign companies who wish to expand their activities in Africa. My ambition now is to create the first food platform adapted to the radically changing African retail market.

Joana Foglia

Managing Directer, Africa Food Retail Insider.com