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Efthymia Lioliou

My professional background is perhaps a little unusual for a business school student. I have a BSc degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry followed by a long career in research in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

My professional life has always been centered on academic research and I have had the opportunity to work for some of the world's leading research organizations, such as CNRS and the Institut Pasteur, a renowned center for biomedical research, located in France.


I have always worked in academia, but I wanted to find a way to use my knowledge and my expertise outside of academic circles, for social good”.


In 2017, I decided to apply for the Online Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OMIE) program with a specific goal in mind. I have always wanted to have an impact on the world, create change and to play an active role in solving pressing societal, environmental and health-related issues. I saw the OMIE program as an ideal way to help me achieve this goal. The fact that the program has been specifically designed to help support and guide social entrepreneurs was a strong motivation for me. Other business programs do not necessarily have this at their hearts.


I want to use my PhD in biochemistry and my background in molecular biology and genetics to launch a socially focused start-up to biotechnologically produce, and distribute a synthetic protein with the aim of tackling malnourishment in the world’s most underdeveloped communities. Winning the OMIE Impact Fellowship scholarship and being able to follow the program is a really valuable learning opportunity for me.


I am convinced that the OMIE program will help me increase the business feasibility of my venture and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and connections to get my project off the ground.


My personal aspiration is to contribute to tackling and overcoming the world’s biggest health challenges. I am currently laying the foundations, through the OMIE, to implement my idea and concretize my project. After having acquired some substantial business knowledge, I intend to actively seek seed funding for my venture.


Efthymia Lioliou

Researcher in Biology, PhD