Testimonies - Industry Specific

Andrés Saunier

For the past few years, I have been working for Puma Energy in the Republic of the Congo, as CFO of a strategic joint venture in the oil industry, whose ownership is shared between the Congolese National Oil Company (SNPC) and private oil-marketing firms (Total, X-Oil and AOGC). 


Andrés Saunier

I applied for HEC Paris’s Executive Certificate in Energy with the aim of consolidating my sectorial knowledge and getting valuable insight on global trends in the Energy industry. I had initially thought the programme would be too short to gain deep knowledge but these two weeks were incredibly profitable for many reasons:

First, the academic quality of the programme made it a formidable and refreshing introduction to key subjects regarding the Energy sector.


And indeed, I came back with an improved awareness of its complexity, and an enriched understanding of strategic issues I had never previously thought about.


Second, the Executive Certificate also works on the multiplier principle. “Energy” is a broad field of interests, impossible to cover extensively in two weeks. However, from oil and gas exploration and production to electricity distribution, from market analysis to crisis management, from disruptive innovation to the recent trends of digitalization, the many topics approached stimulated my curiosity. I actually returned with more questions than answers, and with strong intellectual appetite to look further.

Finally, I particularly appreciated the emulsion and the fruitfulness of sharing with the people selected for the programme, from actual HEC Paris Executive MBA candidates to business executives from various countries and all segments of the Energy sector. Not only from a professional point of view: on a personal note, the programme was a privileged occasion to create bonds with smart people from diverse backgrounds, with a particular interest in Energy.


Overall, this certificate helped me gain comprehensive knowledge of the multiple drivers that underpin and shape our industry. I believe it will also help me make sound analysis and find innovative ways of responding to changes affecting my working environment. In addition, it was a unique opportunity to expand my professional network in a very diverse, interesting, way.