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Alessio Guidelli

I have been specializing in the field of luxury management for the last 18 years, and have extensive experience in the corporate, consumer, marketing and communications dimensions of the sector.

I began my career in 2000 at Cohn & Wolfe, a communications agency that works with both corporate clients and consumers. I then moved to Attila & Co., PR agency that specializes in fashion and premium brands. My current position is Head of Communication Europe and Middle East at Vhernier, a privately owned jewelry company based in Milan, which I joined in 2014.


One of my main motivations to follow the Major in Luxury was to improve the communication strategy of the brand of my company. I also wanted to develop the skills to address issues such as how to make the brand relevant to new consumers, and how to expand brand awareness without diluting its DNA and luxury status.


I can honestly say that the Major in Luxury was truly enriching experience. For me the key takeaway is that if you are open and receptive enough, this program gives you the courage to raise the questions that challenge your preconceived ideas of luxury management.


The reason why I chose HEC Paris was because of the content of the program and the expertise of the lecturers. I had already read Jean-Noël Kapferer’s books and wanted to know more about his vision of the luxury sector first-hand.

In my opinion, Jean-Noel Kapferer’s ‘no compromise’ vision of luxury is essential for all professionals working in this industry. You must be ready to ‘unlearn’ many things and challenge your current practices and vision of the luxury sector. If you are bold enough, the benefits come very quickly.

Alessio Guidelli

Head of communication Europe and Middle East at VHERNIER