Orange Business Services: Marketing Excellence

To meet unprecedented challenges - global economic downturn, decline in traditional business, rise of new technologies, constantly increasing pressure from the competition - Orange Business Services decided to focus on a differentiation strategy by co-creating a tailor-made program with HEC Paris for its managers.



Rethink existing working practices and acquire greater agility

Facing these new challenges, Orange Business Services chose to develop an "unmatched customer experience” based on the quality of the services offered, customer service, contact and exchange, and above all high levels of agility. With HEC Paris, Orange Business Services implemented a customized training program for product managers and operational marketing managers, with a strong focus on B2B marketing.


The participants are genuinely satisfied at the end of the course, and their ability to apply what they have learned, manage complex projects and generate positive momentum are skills that are highly sought after by top management in the company"  Yves Cany, Head of Marketing Capability, Development Global Solutions, Orange Business Services


Discover the tailor-made program co-created by HEC Paris in this business case which explains the design process of this unique training program:


  1. The challenge
  2. A tailor-made solution
  3. Impact