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How the HEC Paris EMBA program is evolving

An interview with Matthew Gibb, Director of the HEC Paris Executive MBA.


Why is the EMBA Changing?

The Executive MBA has existed in its current form for over 5 years and we feel it’s now time to align the program with current trends so that it can continue to fully meet participants’ needs and take full advantage of today’s technology.


How is the course content changing?

We’ve added new courses on entrepreneurship and digital transformation into the core curriculum. “Entrepreneurial Spirit” is a new 2-day course in which participants think about what it means to be an entrepreneur, explore the mindset required for entrepreneurship, and begin developing potential future projects. We are also adding more digital innovation themes into our modules, with the goal of increasing awareness about the impact of digital transformation.


How is the structure and format changing?

We’ve always wanted to provide the best possible learning journey, which is why we’re fine-tuning the core course structure. There will now be seven 6-day modules, and the English modular track will begin with two 9-day modules. This allows us to harmonize content across different tracks and reduces our participants’ international trips, which means lower travel costs, and fewer days out of the office and away from home.

The new format will also facilitate the international mobility option, one of the defining features of our EMBA. Participants can now take complete modules in different international locations, while expanding their networking opportunities.


Can you tell us more about increased digital content?

Digital technologies are increasingly used in higher education worldwide and we are gradually integrating them into our teaching methodologies. Webinars will allow us to prepare participants before they arrive on campus and provide content between modules. Additional digital course content will help professors share key messages and input from afar.


Will the EMBA provide any new services?

More and more of our participants are either looking for greater responsibilities in their current positions or trying to decide on their next career step, and we’d like to help them with both. Our centralized career services will supply more activities and build on the strength of our webinars. We’ll also provide more workshops and peer-to-peer activities, with specific sessions where participants can help generate content. 


What sets the HEC Paris Executive MBA experience apart?

Firstly, the quality of our participants. They represent over 50 nationalities and come from numerous industries and sectors. This wealth of expertise creates a unique learning environment.

Secondly, HEC Paris’s faculty. They are leaders in their fields, bring extensive corporate experience, and are crucial to creating the right conditions for participants think and problem solve in new ways.

Flexibility is also important. Participants can select a format that fits their lifestyle or professional constraints, while still experiencing other tracks through the international mobility option. This helps stimulate exchange and networking opportunities with classmates from diverse cultural backgrounds.

No other Executive MBA allows participants this much room to customize their program. The core courses provide grounding in key areas of management, while our range of Majors enable participants to specialize in an area of particular interest. Finally, with the Capstone project, participants can apply what they’ve learned and implement strategic projects that have real added value for either their companies or themselves.