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HEC Paris EMBA helps Corinne Poux-Bernard drive innovation in the luxury industry

Corinne Poux-Bernard already had a rich and varied career in the luxury industry before enrolling in the HEC Paris Executive MBA program. After heading the business units for home products and leather goods at Hermès, she moved on to run the company’s innovation department. In 2012, she co-founded Thinkers Consulting, a creative strategy agency that helps luxury companies capitalize on the core essence of their brand identity. Here, we take a look at her reasons for taking an HEC Paris Executive MBA and what she got out of the program.


Why did you choose the Executive MBA program?

Corinne Poux-Bernard (CPB): At certain points in your career you need to take a step back and consider things from a different angle – and that’s exactly what the Executive MBA (EMBA) program allowed me to do! I was ready to embark on a new adventure and face new challenges that would sharpen my skills and broaden my worldview, so I took the plunge and haven’t been disappointed. 


What attracted you to HEC Paris?

CPB: It offered exactly what I was looking for in an EMBA program - it’s a school that’s based in Europe but also exposes students to cultures and business practices from all over the world. When it comes to strategy, nothing is more important than discovering new perspectives and challenging your assumptions.


Corinne Poux-Bernard


What did you gain from the program?

CPB: In many ways, the HEC Paris EMBA was a major personal transformation. I wasn’t a completely different person at the end of the program, but I had an even stronger sense of who I am and what I wanted to achieve in my career. In addition, the program enabled me to develop a more pragmatic and analyticial approach to management, rather than relying on my intution. The clearly defined boundaries and convictions that I developed at HEC Paris have allowed me to gain more agility and freedom in my management style. 


What do you plan to accomplish next?

CPB: My aim now is to help our company Thinkers Consulting grow by optimizing the holistic management and strategy skills I honed at HEC Paris. Our current focus is on creating mid to long-term collaborations with companies in the luxury industry that will enable them to develop creative solutions to their branding challenges. A major part of our work is helping clients see the benefit of changing ingrained habits and investing in well-thought-out, creative action plans that will develop their brands for the future.


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