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HEC Paris announces launch of Global Executive Coaching Program

To create a generation of executive coaches to be effective in any culture, HEC Paris business school is launching its new Global Executive Coaching Program in January 2017. Business professionals and consultants will be exposed to a new curriculum that combines classic teaching methods with the contemporary needs of our increasingly interconnected society. 


Taught in English, the 28-day program is made up of seven four-day modules over one year and includes a period of coaching under supervision within a company, non-profit or NGO. The core curriculum is based on HEC Paris’ range of Executive Coaching programs with the introduction of multicultural and international practice.

It has been designed by Michel Giffard, Director and founder of the HEC Coaching School 14 years ago, Patrick Delamaire, Academic Director of several Executive programs at HEC Paris, and Sara Pongiluppi, Italian coach and facilitator.

To successfully coach clients and motivate them to change requires an in-depth understanding of who they really are. In understanding this, coaches will help them develop an awareness of the mindsets that prevent them from identifying a clear path for a better future,” said Patrick Delamaire.


As managers and consultants are in charge of many people with different backgrounds in today’s world, with the likes of mergers and acquisitions, we must teach these people to coach effectively in any culture. Our faculty has vast experience coaching multiple nationalities – it’s difficult to find this elsewhere and, personally, I’ve seen nothing similar in other countries.” — Patrick Delamaire, Adjunct Professor


Located at the Château on the HEC Paris campus, the course imparts the key attitudes, methods and tools needed for executive coaching, and how to use a multicultural approach to acquire a greater understanding of people and to learn how to successfully coach in international settings.

Participants will be able to promote greater cooperation between personal development and business performance, facilitate change and the professional development of staff within companies, and enhance mutual respect and foster ethical behavior between directors, managers and their teams.

For more information, please see the website here.