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From marketing to entrepreneurship

In 2017, Nathalie Matellini will launch SHOOTIP, a new online platform that hopes to revolutionize online travel guides through video. To find the guidance and inspiration needed to follow her entrepreneurial dream, Nathalie looked to the HEC Paris Major, Entrepreneurship - Project Accelerator.


Based on an interview with Nathalie Matellini, founder and CEO of SHOOTIP.


Lessons Learned from a successful marketing career – keep updating your skillset

“After completing my degree, corporate opportunities landed on my doorstep. I joined organizations that I loved and that allowed me to learn and progress. I had a successful career in marketing and felt fulfilled to a certain extent, but I always wanted to create something of my own,” says Nathalie. She enrolled in the HEC Paris Entrepreneurship - Project Accelerator program in 2016, not long after the birth of her first child. “Having my daughter triggered a desire in me to finally set off on this new professional adventure.” Nathalie wanted to follow in the footsteps of inspiring leaders and create her own diverse organization. 


Initially, I wanted to use the Project Accelerator program as a check point to validate my actions as I embarked on my entrepreneurship journey and to make sure I was on the right track. In reality there was much more to it than that.”

– Nathalie Matellini, founder and CEO of SHOOTIP.


Nathalie Matellini


Lessons Learned from entrepreneurship – everything is possible, never give up

With a lifelong passion for travel, and years of experience working for British Airways, Nathalie chose to embark on a project to launch SHOOTIP. It is an online platform that allows travelers to share and discover the world through video. She explains, “It’s a new type of travel guide, described by some as Snapchat for travel.”

The Entrepreneurship - Project Accelerator program is run over short but intensive periods. This allowed Nathalie to travel, build the knowledge and networks needed to launch her business, and look after her new-born child. Nathalie states, “I learned that anything really is possible. Everyone has a different story and there is no right way. Be bold and confident and don’t be too irrational. Stick to what you believe in and don’t give up. Interacting with entrepreneurs and realizing that they faced similar challenges taught me this.”

Learning from leaders also helped me realize that having a proactive and positive outlook drives stronger results.” concludes Nathalie. “Sometimes when you are close to the wire, it is easy to admit defeat and consider moving on. Continued support through the program, particularly during this early stage of creating my business has taught me not give up easily, and that if things don’t go exactly to plan there is always seems to be a way to bounce back.”


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