Uchenna Agbo

Uchenna Agbo


Uchenna Agbo is a young Nigerian woman, who spends her life hopping from plane to plane, and who can most likely be found attending the most important international conferences and forums. This lively Nigerian woman burst onto the computer and mobile phone scene with the launch of airtime lending services in Africa and the Middle East as CEO of Nairtime Holdings. For seven years following her graduation from Middlesex University in 2002 with a Master's degree in Business Information Technology, the London-based consultant worked with major European companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Coral Eurobet and Network Rail UK. In 2009, Uchenna decided to return home to, in her own words, "make an impact". As a 43-year-old, she says the TRIUM program has been supportive of the journey to building her young startup company TrustVAS since 2017, building a digital inclusion map to "bridge the gap between the banked and the underserved to drive financial inclusion". 


I see our cohort as an example of positive inclusion, diversity and corporate social engagement" 


She represents a new generation of African leaders – cosmopolitan, ambitious and generous, with a vision of the world enriched by her travels, she takes the time to share her experience and advice with people who wish to learn from her journey. 

Uchenna Agbo is a promising entrepreneur and we wish her all the best for the rest of her career, which, we have no doubt, will be a great success.