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Masterclass in Douala

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From oil to renewables: challenges and opportunities of the energy revolution

The energy sector provides major opportunities for economic development in Cameroon. On the one hand, fossil fuels continue to play an important role in the economy and are a source of potential revenue from exports. On the other hand, renewable energies may allow a large part of the population currently disconnected from the electricity grid to access cheap and reliable sources of power. However, such opportunities are not free of challenges. In order to be successfully exploited, fossil fuel resources require the flawless planning, design and operation of complex large-scale projects and the coordination of the numerous actors that provide financial resources. By the same token, facilitating access to renewable resources requires the implementation of distribution networks and appropriate financing models.

Accordingly, this session reviews opportunities and challenges associated with the development and exploitation of energy resources in Cameroon. First, by drawing on the example of major infrastructure development in sub-Saharan Africa, we will discuss alternative models for financing and operating large scale projects in the energy industry, and we will highlight the risks and benefits that such initiatives may entail for the local population. Second, we will discuss how to foster the development of renewables energies in the region with a particular focus on micro solar projects.


Practical information

Speaker: Andrea Masini

Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017

Time: From 6pm

Location: Hotel Starland, Douala, Cameroun

Language: French