Boeing 737-MAX : A reminder of the challenges of innovating in commercial aviation



Thursday 23 May 2019



Boeing 737-MAX : A reminder of the challenges of innovating in commercial aviation 

Although Aerospace & Aviation has been, since its inception and for many years now, a great source of innovation, in technology, marketing, human resources management and many other areas of organizations, it is now challenged by having to, or wanting to, rapidly integrate new technologies into all its parts, whether it is in the manufacturing side of things or more commercial side.

On the commercial side of things, airlines have for many years innovated profoundly in many areas, especially in Revenue Management, striving to increase their revenues.

On the manufacturing side of things, a lot of the race for innovation has been around more efficient aircrafts, which led to the usage of lighter materials and bigger twin-engine aircrafts.  The Airbus 320-NEO and the Boeing 737-MAX are part of this new “race” for faster, lighter, more efficient, thus more profitable aircrafts.

The pace at which innovations are introduced in real operations has increased, for all Industries. The problem is that not all Industries are equal in terms of safety, and aviation is certainly one for which safety has always been a guiding light, and still is.

So, in this short masterclass we will discuss the importance of safety in aviation. There is no doubt that safety regulators like the FAA and EASA are functioning well and doing the job. The angle we want to give to this masterclass is to remind people wanting to introduce innovations in this industry to understand how it works and why it works this way.



During this webinar Professor Jacques Beauchesne, will discuss the challenges of innovating the commercial aviation industry, answer any questions you may have and also introduce you to the HEC Paris Executive Certificate in Aerospace and Aviation.

Join us on Thursday 23 May at 12.30pm (CEST)





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