Executive Short Program

The keys to successful business in Africa

Anticipating future trends and becoming more effective in African markets

Africa has become a vital market for many companies but most experience some setbacks before successfully establishing themselves. If African countries form part of your growth strategy then you will need to prepare for the dynamics, complexities, opportunities and risks of this market. Our experts will share their knowledge of the African market, help you to understand them better and gradually increase your efficiency and competitiveness.




A company's strategy lies in the decisions it takes to adapt its resources to the opportunities and risks of constantly changing ecomomic contexts and markets."

– Octave Gélinier



Our two professional experts will enable you to:

Acquire a pertinent understanding of today's Africa

Grasp the complexities and dynamics at work in Africa

Pinpoint areas of development and risk factors in Africa

Discover the most important variables which your company must take into account in its strategy

Academic Director(s)

Paul Ginies

Teacher, HEC Paris

Discover the program outline

Discover the program outline

Program Content

Consists of 3 modules over 2 days

Module 1

Understanding the African continent

Grasp the diversities and complexities of African dynamics.

Module 2

Anticipate to increase performance

Key change factors, opportunities and risks over the next 5 to 10 years.

Module 3

Take key strategy-building elements into account

Major company strategy variables to be included in company strategy (based on 10 themes).

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2 years

Obtain an HEC Paris certificate
You can personalize your study path according to your own needs and resources. You will be awarded an HEC Paris Executive Education certificate after a total of 10 days of training. This can be spread out over 3 intensive programs during a 2-year period. You can also join the HEC Executive Community.

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The program is aimed at:
Company or Profit Center Directors
Operational and Functional Directors
Board Members
International Export Directors
Public, Parapublic and Private Sector Managers

Training costs

2130 € excl. VAT

Next session

2017 / 2018
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More than just a pretty place

HEC Paris Le Château is more than a neoclassical landmark. It is the perfect place in which to take a step back and improve yourself with concrete training which you will put into application as soon as you return to your company.









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