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Strategic Business Unit Management - Doha

Teaching language: English

Acquire the essential skills to successfully manage a Business Unit

Business Unit Managers who are capable of innovating, detecting new opportunities and implementing increasingly high-performance processes are a source of vital competitive advantage for their companies. The aim of this program is therefore to enable you to develop the wide, multidisciplinary range of skills you will need to successfully run your Business Unit and manage the different teams you lead more effectively.

Step back from your daily routines to reflect upon yourself, your organization and your role in the business world

World-class teaching by HEC Paris faculty

A challenging and stimulating learning environment

Access to the influential HEC Paris alumni network




Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.”

— Jack Welch



The aim of the program is to enable you to:

Acquire the necessary know-how to successfully lead a Business Unit

Develop greater managerial acumen

Enhance your leadership and people management skills

Adopt a genuinely entrepreneurial and innovative approach to management

Academic Director(s)

Wolfgang AMANN

Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris

Discover the program outline

Discover the program outline


Program Content

Consists of 12 modules over a period of 18 months


Module 1

Developing the Leader

Doha, Qatar

Module 2

Quantitative Methods and Negotiating for Success

Doha, Qatar

Module 3

Finance for Value Creation

Doha, Qatar

Module 4

Marketing Strategy and Communication Skills

Doha, Qatar

Module 5

Business Unit Strategy

Doha, Qatar

Module 6

Business Operations and Supply Chain Management

Doha, Qatar

Module 7

Understanding the Business Environment

Doha, Qatar

Module 8

Management Accounting and Control

Doha, Qatar

Module 9

Corporate Strategy and Implementation

Doha, Qatar

Module 10

Human Resources Management

Doha, Qatar

Module 11

Managing Change in your Business Unit

Doha, Qatar

Module 12

Entrepreneurship and Building a Business Plan

Doha, Qatar

Professional thesis

You will carry out and submit a master thesis, with the guidance and supervision of a member of faculty,
on a topic that is particularly relevant to your company or your career progression. Thesis mentoring is an integral part of the program.


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Training Costs

61950 $

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Next Session

2017 / 2018
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For further information, please contact :

Ammar Baig

Program Advisor, Qatar

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