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Create Sustainable Change

Are you passionate about change management and leadership? Do you want to become part of an international group of like-minded change practitioners? Do you share our conviction that change can only be achieved through people?

If so, this intensive international program, run jointly by two of Europe’s leading business schools - HEC PARIS and SAÏD BUSINESS SCHOOL, University of Oxford, will equip you with the skills and know-how to deal effectively and creatively with the human dimensions of change in organisations, and the challenges they pose. 




Increase your self-awareness and understanding of the organisations and wider environments in which you work

Take the time to reflect, analyse, learn from and leverage change more effectively

Study in a vibrant, intercultural environment with participants of 20 nationalities

Join the HEC Paris and Oxford Business Alumni networks as well as the Change Leaders Community.




The program aims to:

Broaden your repertoire of intervention approaches. You will be exposed to multidisciplinary approaches to change at individual, group, organisational and societal levels. You will add more colours to your palette by working with multiple theoretical frameworks, methods and interventions.


Develop sustainable organisations. You will explore how to work with wisdom, courage and humanity as you build attractive, sustainable organisations that are meaningful to all stakeholders.


Enhance your capacity for critical thinking. You will explore new ideas and integrate them into your practice, building a cognitive edge that can reframe change challenges. 


Sharpen your reflection and develop your self-awareness so that you gain more self confidence as a change agent in complex contexts. Our program seeks to deepen personal insight so that you can work with others more effectively during change. You will make sense of your own change practice from a theoretical perspective, developing your identity as a change agent and understanding how the self can be a powerful instrument for change.



Academic Director(s)


Marc Thompson

Academic Director and Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Mathis Schulte

Academic Director and Associate Professor, HEC Paris

Discover the program outline

Discover the program outline 


Program Content

Seven 4.5 day modules run at either HEC Paris or Oxford Saïd


Module 1

Rethinking Change

Paris - November

Module 2

Self as an Instrument for Change

Oxford - January

Module 3

Group Dynamics and Collaboration

Paris - March

Module 4

Resilience and Failure

Oxford - May

Module 5

Transforming Work

TBC - July

Module 6

Transforming Work (Focus: Finance)

Berlin - September

Module 7

Practicum in Consulting and Coaching for Change 

Paris - April

Professional Dissertation

To obtain the Specialized Master’s degree, you must successfully complete all coursework and 6 essays, participate in your learning team meetings and activities, submit your personal learning journey document and a 20-30,000 word dissertation. If you choose not to pursue the Specialized  Master’s degree you will receive a Consulting and Coaching for Change certificate from both schools upon completion of the programme. 


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The program is aimed at:
Executives who are passionate about change and prepared to commit themselves to real study; reflection and analysis of human behavior in organizations.


Training Costs

54950 € excl. VAT

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For further information, please contact :

Anders Gezelius

Program Advisor

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To register or for further information about the program, visit the Consulting and Coaching for Change website

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