Executive MSc

Accelerated General Management

Bilingual French and English or full French

Advance your career in general management by expanding your functional and industry expertise

The career development of executives in general management positions typically reflects their individual leadership skills, their mastery of several areas of business, and their ability to align their understanding and management of several organizational functions.

The HEC Paris Accelerated General Management Program is aimed at managers wishing to broaden their functional and industry knowledge, in order to achieve business excellence in both their careers and in their organizations. It offers a unique learning experience in the global landscape of executive general management programs.

The program is fully customizable enabling participants to tailor their own learning path. You can combine two specializations to fast-track the development of the necessary analytical and cross-functional skills to excel across domains, industries, and borders.

The program provides a unique multilingual and multi-location learning experience, by offering the choice of 2 specializations run in English or French

Participants can combine one 12-day course in English, with one 15 to 20 day course in French or two 15 to 20 day courses in French   




Management is a question of handling short-term administration whilst developing long-term projects." 

– Jack Welch



The aim of the program is to enable you to:

Customize your learning experience, by accumulating specific knowledge in your chosen specializations.

Develop your strategic leadership skills by mastering several industrial and organizational areas of expertise

Aquire new techniques and methods and develop a global vision of organizational and environmental challenges through formal learning, immersion and coaching

Prepare for general management responsibilities

Academic Director(s)

Elie Matta

Associate Professor, HEC Paris



Step 1 - Core training course

Mandatory General Management 4-day seminar led by researchers and leading professionals focusing on the management of organizational paradoxes on strategic, managerial and personal levels. The following topics are covered : Strategic renewal, stability and agility, market development and growth, team management, organizational power, negotiations and influence, conflict management and leadership. These workshops prepare participants and enable them to apply the specific knowledge acquired during the two specializations.


General Management Seminar

Introductory workshop (1 day)
Integration workshop (2 days)
Final workshop (1 day)


Expansion seminars

Choice of two seminars from the following topics: Block Chain, Collaborative Innovation, Data Driven Strategy and Big Data, Supply Chain and Multi-Channels, Pricing, Digital strategy, Entrepreneurship.


Step 2 - Specialization cycle

A choice of two specializations, each leading to an Executive Certificate when successfully completed:

Participants may choose either one 12-day international specialization taught in English alongside one 15 to 20 day Paris-based specialization taught in French or two 15 to 20 day Paris-based specializations taught in French.

International specializations (12 days in English) :

Luxury (in Paris and Shanghai)

Aerospace and Aviation (in Montreal and Toulouse)

Energy (in Doha and Berlin)

Leading Digital Transformation (in Paris and San Fransisco)

Differentiation and Innovation through Services (in Singapore and Berlin)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (in Paris and Boston)

Innovation and Social Business (in Cape Town and Bangalore)

Entrepreneurship - Project Accelerator (in Paris and San Francisco)

Paris-based specializations (in French)

STRATEGIC SALES MANAGEMENT ( 20 days of learning)
MARKETING & DIGITAL (20 days of learning)
FINANCE (20 days of learning)
LEADING INFORMATION SYSTEMS ( 20 days of learning)

Step 3 - Professionnal Thesis

Completed under the guidance of a HEC Paris Professor, the thesis (in the form of a field project) allows you to apply the academic and operational knowledge acquired during specialized and mandatory core seminars. It must be completed to obtain the Executive Masters in General Management.

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The program is aimed at:
Managers with at least 5 years of experience,
Functional managers moving towards increased versatility,
Managers to pilot new projects in new areas expertise, by broadening their scope,
Business creators, and young start-up executives,
Experienced Managers wanting to start a new career. 

Training costs

31450 €

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CPF eligible program according to the chosen Executive Certificates.

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Anders Gezelius

Program Advisor

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