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SME Director

Personalized support to help you develop your auditing skills

In the current economic climate, SME and Middle-market Company Directors are in charge of ensuring the sustainability of their companies. This role involves auditing the company and its development on a regular basis. This program combines skills development with personalized advice and deals with all the strategic and operational dimensions which impact companies and their directors. The program will help you to:

Take a step back

Enhance your skills with the help of our experts




Ultimately, leadership is about the strength of one's convictions, the ability to endure the punches, and the energy to promote an idea.

– Benazir Bhutto



The program will enable you to:

Ruthlessly assess your company's situation and working methods and your role as director

Develop your mastery of the necessary techniques and tools for effective management

Enhance your ability to innovate and integrate new technological and environmental techniques

Develop a solid and reliable medium-term business plan, prepare its implementation and integrate any associated risks

Academic Director(s)

Jacques-Robert Moulinet

Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris

discover the program outline

discover the program outline

Program content

Consists of seven 2-day modules


Module 1

Business model, company assessment and strategic plan

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 2

Financial dimension

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 3

Sales and Marketing dimension

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 4

Legal, fiscal and multicultural dimension

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 5

Development funding, inheritance issues and digital development

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 6

Human and managerial dimension of a company

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 7

Strategic choices, approach to innovation, business plan and strategic communication

HEC Paris Le Château

Action Plan

With the tutoring of an HEC Paris Professor or expert

In order to apply the theory and practical expertise gained during the program you will create an action plan for your company. You will receive individual support from a mentor or an HEC Paris expert for this task.


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The program is aimed at:
Current of future SME/Middle-market Company Directors
Directors of Family-owned Businesses or their potential successors


Training Costs

13720 € excl. VAT


Teaching language: French 

Next Session

2017 / 2018
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