Executive Certificate

Coaching an organization

Accompanying organizations in their change management processes

Coaching an organization plays an essential role in supporting change and enabling companies to find their own resources and solutions to the issues they face.


This program will equip you with the necessary and specific know-how to coach organizations on an organizational, sociological and technical level.




Ultimately, leadership is about the strength of one's convictions, the ability to endure the punches, and the energy to promote an idea."

– Benazir Bhutto

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Coaching School Information Session

Jouy-en-Josas, France

Breakfast Information Session



The program will enable you to:

Compare your experience and methods to that of the other coaches and speakers

Acquire the necessary skills, approaches and tools

Apply and implement all the skills you have acquired in a real-life context

Academic Director(s)

Michel Giffard

Adjunct Professor, HEC Paris

discover the program outline

discover the program outline

Program content

Consists of five 3-day modules


Module 1

Acquire an the approach and fundamental principles of coaching an organization

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 2

Adopt current best practices for coaching an organization

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 3

Develop a strategy for coaching an organization

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 4

Fine-tine your approach to coaching an organization

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 5

Become a professional coach

HEC Paris Le Château

Practical Application

Between modules, participants coach in a company, a non-profit organization or an NGO, with the tailored support and supervision of the facilitators.


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The program is aimed at:
Qualified individual and team coaches
Experienced corporate change management specialists
Senior managers, high-potential Managers, HR Directors, consultants and trainers, etc. 


Training costs

10900 € excl. VAT

Teaching language: French

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Yacine DIONE

Program Advisor

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