Executive Certificate

Advanced General Management

Updating your managerial practices

To respond to the challenges of rapidly changing markets,  senior managers need to be able to step back, update their know-how and adapt their managerial techniques if they are to lead their teams to success. This program will enable you to understand the ongoing changes in the business environment in order to :

Elaborate a pertinent strategy

Manage operational implementation

Lead and drive your teams




The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

– Theodore Roosevelt



The program will enable you to:

Adapt and develop your management style to be aligned with new business expectations

Mobilize and energize your teams

Develop an innovative strategic vision to create shared and meaningful value

Excel in operational implementation in order to optimize the satisfaction of your clients and stakeholders

Academic Director(s)

Gérard de Maupéou

Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris

discover the program outline

discover the program outline

Program content

Consists of 4 modules


Module 1

Transformational leadership

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 2

Interpersonal leadership - management and team dynamics

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 3

Inspirational leadership – developing your vision

HEC Paris Le Château

Module 4

Performance leadership

HEC Paris Le Château

Action Plan

With the tutoring of an HEC Paris Professor or expert

In order to apply the theory and practical expertise gained during the program you will create an action plan for your company. You will receive individual support from a mentor or an HEC Paris expert for this task.


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The program aimed at: 
Company Directors
Experienced executives, board members
Managers of key, cross-functional projects


Training Costs

21950 €

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CPF and RNCP eligible program

Registration number CNCP ​3257 - Code CPF : 230006

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For further information, please contact :

Tania Moumiloff

Program Advisor

Tried and tested for you

Discover the experiences of current and former participants.

Nathalie Rigollé

Directeur Performance et Developpement, Fives


Cette prise de recul m’a amené à repenser mes pratiques, comme un préalable nécessaire pour actualiser mes connaissances et me préparer à « un après »."

Marie-Claire Lemaître

Directrice générale de Mercuri Urval France


La devise d’HEC a permit à un certain nombre d’entre-nous d’oser se lancer soit dans une recherche personnelle très différente, soit de s’exposer d’avantage au sein de sa propre structure y compris au regard de ses collaborateurs."

Alain Guillemier

Head of AFICAR Consulting


Cette formation m'a permis d'avoir un regard différent, prospectif et systématique sur l'impact de ma fonction dans la stratégie de l'entreprise et sur mon impact personnel en tant que dirigeant. C'est une formidable impulsion."

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